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Saving report deletes associated report views


When editing an existing report that has report views associated with it, on saving the report, the views are unexpectedly deleted.


Report views are automatically deleted when the report on which they were based is deleted.

Saving an existing report:

* If you use the Save option to save changes to the existing report, the report is updated and any associated views are preserved.
* If you use the Save As option, the existing report is deleted and the report is saved as a new report with a new report ID.

Saving an existing report with the original name and the Save As option deletes the existing report (along with any associated views) and saves the report as a new report with a new report ID.


Only use the Save As option when saving a report using a new name. This preserves the original report as well as any views associated with the report.

To edit an existing report without losing associated views, save the changes to the report using the Save option. This preserves the existing report and associated views.