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Daptiv Enhancements for April 2023

We are deploying the following enhancements to Daptiv on April 14, 2023. This post is designed to help you understand how new and enhanced features can improve your Daptiv experience, and to guide you in making decisions about how to configure those features (if applicable). To facilitate training and testing ahead of this release, the features below will be deployed in Sandbox environments on Monday, April 10, 2023. The next Daptiv Release is May 12, 2023. 

For detailed information about these and all Daptiv Features, see the Daptiv Online Help
In addition to the fixes below, this release contains various background improvements that lay the groundwork for future enhancements. They should not have an impact on your current Daptiv experience. 

New Enhancements 

Additional user fields visible in workspaces 
The following user fields are now visible when viewing members in a workspace: 

  • Timezone 

  • Secondary Phone 

  • Department 

  • Supervisor 

  • Resource Type 

  • Resource Manager 

Notable Fixes 

Workspace update notes truncating and losing formatting 
In some cases, update notes were losing formatting and being truncated. This no longer occurs. 

Responding to Discussion topic causes an error 
We fixed an issue with the Discussion app which caused an error screen when users added a twenty-fifth response to a topic. Now, this issue no longer exists and users can add as many responses as they need to a Discussion topic.