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Planview Customer Success Center

Do you support intake for proposed projects?

Daptiv PPM has a flexible intake process to support proposed projects. At the heart of this process is the Project Request form. A Project Request captures all information necessary for the evaluation to identify those requests that may ultimately be chosen to move forward and promoted to projects.

The Project Request form may be configured on a Project Type basis displaying user defined custom fields to capture specific data necessary in the decision-making process. Each division, department, functional area or group may have their own Project Type within the application that collects data relevant to them. Multiple documents may also be attached to a Project Request and carried along with the request through the approval process, and continue on as the request is converted to a project.

A set of user defined custom fields may be created and used to calculate a priority score, or relevancy score. By identifying criteria and attaching a ranking to each, and creating a weighted calculation, each Project Request can be scored and compared to the others based on the same factors.

Submitted project proposals will trigger customer-defined notification and optional approval processes. The project proposal can be evaluated prior to approval. Project Requests may be automatically approved (in the event that the Project Request process is used only for tracking purposes). For Project Requests with an approval process enabled, item history will display where in the approval process the request is, and the decision of each of the approvers. Actions are marked with the user's name and a time and date stamp. In the event that a request is declined, it can later be resubmitted for approval if necessary.