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Daptiv Enhancements for June 10

We are deploying the following enhancements to Daptiv on June 10, 2022. This post is designed to help you understand how new and enhanced features can improve your Daptiv experience, and to guide you in making decisions about how to configure those features (if applicable). To facilitate training and testing ahead of this release, the features below will be deployed in Sandbox environments on Monday, June 6, 2022. The next Daptiv Release is July 8, 2022. 

For detailed information about these and all Daptiv Features, see the Daptiv Online Help
In addition to the fixes below, this release contains various background improvements that lay the groundwork for future enhancements. They should not have an impact on your current Daptiv experience.  

Beginning with this release, the Daptiv release cadence will shift to being once monthly, on every second Friday of the month. This will bring Daptiv in line with monthly cadence used by other Planview products. 

Notable Fixes 

Error replacing DA Name field 
Users encountered an error page when they attempted to replace an existing Name field for Dynamic Applications. Name fields cannot be deleted without creating a replacement name field first. We added a new error message to remind users to how to correctly rename their DAs. 

Timesheets auto-approving 
Some timesheets were being auto-approved even when they required manual approval. This occurred for timesheets with tasks from workspaces that are set to auto-approve empty timesheet entries. This no longer happens and timesheets are not automatically approved when should not be. 

Filter on Not Started workspaces cannot be applied 
The checkbox to filter out Not Started workspaces in timesheets was not working. Clicking it would not change the state of the box. The checkbox is working again and the Not Started filter can be applied to timesheets. 

Comma in workspace names prevent Gantt chart printing 
The Gantt chart could not be printed if the workspace name had a comma. This no longer occurs and commas do not stop the Gantt chart from being printed. 

Errors marking tasks complete on the Home tab 
Users were encountering errors trying to mark tasks complete on the Home tab. Now, if users do not have permission to mark tasks complete, the option does not appear on the task.