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Planview Customer Success Center

Process and guidelines for image files format, size, pixels for usage in reports and dashboards

Are there guidelines for image format, size or pixels for uploading images to the Analytics server?

How can they be used in reports and dashboards?

Images should be a .JPG 24 bit or .PNG 24 bit image. All web images are 72 pixels per inch. We recommend a maximum size of 150 x 250 pixels for use in reports. The image can be resized in Analytics, but the image may end up distorted if the proportions are changed.

Please create a Support ticket to get an image file uploaded to the Analytics server. Customer Care will provide you with the location it has been stored to. 

To use images in reports, just add an image item to your page, double-click on it, and use the browse button to browse to your file location and to select it.

To use images in dashboards, you need to specify the file's url, lile: for our .com domain, and for  our .nl domain.