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Projects Missing/Not Showing Up in Projects Tab

Why are projects missing/not showing up in the Projects tab? 

You must be a member of a Project for it to show in your projects tab. If confirmed you are part of a project the most likely cause is the Projects tab view is not including the Project type of the specific project. Also, please verify that the filters section is not using any criteria to exclude the project(s). Confirming that both of these pages allow the maximum range of projects to be shown will make sure the view is not the culprit in hiding projects.

Please edit the view by following the below steps:

1. Click on "More Views" and select "Edit Current View".
2. On the first screen of the "Edit Custom View Wizard" make sure that all of the Project Types are selected.
3. Click "Skip To" at the bottom and choose "Filters" to make sure the project(s) are not being filtered out.
4. Click "Skip To" at the bottom and choose "Name and Save" then "Finish and Save".

Note: If this is a standard default view, you will need to Name it and click Save a Copy.