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Augmented Intelligence for Changepoint Analytics

On May 20, 2020, we released an update to Changepoint Analytics that adds a powerful new capability: Augmented Intelligence. Reports can now provide valuable insights into your PPM data using three key capabilities.

Augmented Intelligence can analyze the trend in any timeline graphic and extend a prediction line into the future. For example, if you wanted to know the projected spending of your project portfolio, you could create a graph with your PPM data and click the Forecast icon in the chart. A dashed prediction line will automatically be calculated and extend into the future.

This feature can take the data on any chart and analyze it for key insights. It can give an average of the values in the chart, point out key differences it sees in the data set, and provide a line-of-best-fit for line charts. For instance, a static chart may tell you which department has the fewest projects, but Insights will also tell you if those projects have unusually high budgets.

Ask Questions
Now, you can ask questions and Changepoint Analytics will build the answers for you. It will also suggest the questions as you type. Based on your questions, Analytics will pull data together to present an answer. This feature can even build dashboards for you based on the answers to your questions.