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PPM Enhancements for January 29, 2021

We are deploying the following enhancements to Changepoint PPM on Friday, January 29, 2021. This post is designed to help you understand how new and enhanced features can improve your PPM experience, and to guide you in making decisions about how to configure those features (if applicable). To facilitate training and testing ahead of this release, the features below will be deployed in Sandbox environments on Monday, January 25, 2021. The next Changepoint PPM Release is February 12, 2021. 

For detailed information about these and all PPM Features, see the PPM Online Help.  

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New PPM Enhancements  

Login Page Security Enhancement 
To improve security, we disabled browser caching on the Changepoint PPM login page. Browser caching could have allowed a malicious actor to view a user’s login information by using the back button to get to the login page. Now, when you use your browser’s back to get to the login page, the login fields are blank. We also disabled browser autocomplete features on these fields, which will prevent users from automatically filling in their user names and passwords. Users with password managers can still autocomplete the login fields.  

New Query Item for Acting Timesheet Approvers 
We added a new query item, [Acting Approver for], so that user can accurately report on which approver actually approved a given timesheet when the Temporary Timesheet Approval feature is used. 

Update 01/25/21: The Data Model update for this change will take longer than the rest of the release. Some enterprises may not be able to use this query item until Saturday, January 30, 2021.

Notable PPM Fixes 

PPM search does not work with Simplified Chinese 
We fixed an issue which prevented PPM’s native search function from working when a user’s culture setting in PPM is Simplified Chinese. Now, the search functions for all users regardless of their culture settings in PPM. 

Unable to use the API to create workspaces from templates 
We fixed an issue affecting PPM Integrations customers. These users were unable to use the PPM Integrations API to create new projects from templates that include a Dynamic Application (DA) that was deleted and then recreated. With this release, API users will be able to successfully create workspaces from any of their templates.