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From the Idea Greenhouse: Project Dashboard Report Viewer

It’s our pleasure to announce that our Friday July 17th release will introduce the Project Dashboard Report Viewer. This add-on to the Project Dashboard will allow you to display a variety of data important to your workspace’s success. Each of your workspaces will be able to display report data specific to it, gains access to charts to tie your data together, and can even display data from its child workspaces.

Adding the Report Viewer to the Project Dashboard

By default, the Report Viewer is disabled for all workspace types.  Since this is an additive feature for Project Dashboards, we determined it would be less disruptive to let you opt into it by choosing which workspace types and roles can utilize it. You can enable the Report Viewer by turning on two workspace role permissions: “Customize Workspace Dashboards” and “View reports in Dashboards.” We've provided instructions to do this below but you can also view a tutorial video that shows how to do it.

To enable the Project Dashboard Report Viewer:

  1. Go to Admin > Users settings > Roles and Permissions > Workspace Roles.
  2. Use the “View by” dropdown to select a workspace type.
  3. Enable the “View Reports in Dashboards” permission for each workspace role you want to view reports. 
  4. If it is not already enabled, you must also enable the “Customize Workspace Dashboard” permission for at least one workspace role.

Now, users with the “View reports in Dashboards” permission can see reports and users that have both permissions can add the Report Viewer through the Configure Dashboard Menu.

To display a report in the Project Dashboard:

  1. Open the Configure Dashboard Menu.
  2. In the components list, select the Report Viewer and click Save. A Report Viewer block is added to the Project Dashboard.
  3. In the Report Viewer block, select a report to display.

Like all Dashboard components, the Report Viewer will appear in all workspaces of that type. However, you can select different reports for each individual workspace by clicking the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the Report Viewer block.

Filtering reports to display individual workspace data

To keep the data in the Report Viewer relevant to the specific workspace you’re viewing, we added optional parameter that report authors can add in Changepoint Analytics. Reports including the parameter “CPPDWorkspaceID” will make the report only display data associated your project’s workspace ID. If this parameter is excluded, the report will return all data normally available to the user based on their permissions.

To filter a report to work with the Project Dashboard Report Viewer:

  1. Open a report to edit or create a report in Changepoint Analytics.
    Note: If you are editing a report that has an existing project prompt, we recommend that you remove any existing prompt pages before adding the filter.
  2. Drag in a Text Box Prompt to the Report Page.
  3. Name the Parameter “CPPDWorkspaceID” and point it to the Workspace ID with this formula: [Presentation].[Projects].[WorkspaceID] = ?CPPDWorkspaceID?
  4. Hide the text box from the report. Select the text box in the report and change Visible property to “No.”

We’re very excited to bring you this highly sought feature, which was the subject of multiple Idea Greenhouse posts and numerous votes. Many of you have projects that need to display specific information that’s easy to consume or need visibility into related data like child workspaces. With the Project Dashboard Report Viewer, you’ll now be able to do that and more.