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Do you support execution-level and managerial decision-making?

Yes, portfolio analysis and decision making is performed using role-based interactive graphical and textual view formats, dashboards and special executive user interface applications. Timeline Gantt views, Investment Map (with a customizable x and y axis), and a Portfolio Scorecard are all available to those with the Executive role in the enterprise. All of these options have drilldown capability to let Executives see the big picture and the lower level details if necessary.

The Timeline Gantt format view gives Executives a long term view of project start and finish dates displayed under a portfolio structure. They can see when significant projects are scheduled to complete and roll out, and identify time periods that may be more lightly scheduled and consider strategic decisions (move projects out to spread the workload more evenly, consider taking on some smaller projects in those time periods, etc.)

The Scorecard format view lists projects and provides visual information about the status of each project based on portfolio structures. Clicking the name of a project provides information on the Project Profile, Status History, Milestones, Overdue Tasks and Open Issues.

The Investment Map format view provides a graphical overview of the status of projects, with each project shown as a colored circle on a graph. Values displayed on the x and y axes can be configured as needed and each project circle can be 'opened' to show the Project Profile window.

Budget controls are also available for all projects and portfolios. By tracking budget, labor costs, and other expenses at the project level, and creating custom views and dashboards to show project financial status, organizational leaders can set corporate objectives and Project Managers can keep a close eye on their spend. Financial data can be rolled up across projects to the portfolio, department, division or other customer-defined attributes for analysis at higher levels. Investment goals can be identified and proposed projects can be added to the mix to determine the impact to all projects or other projects within a defined portfolio association. Estimated labor costs are automatically captured and rolled up for proposed projects.