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Planview Customer Success Center

Introducing Changepoint Analytics Accelerators

Changepoint Analytics Accelerators are pre-built PPM analytics reports and dashboards, which you can leverage to quickly begin gaining insight from your PPM data. For this release, we are adding these two Accelerators:

  • Financial Dashboard
  • Agile Project Report Dashboard

Changepoint Analytics Accelerators are available now. To get access to them, please contact your CSMs. Once you have access, the Accelerators appear in Team Content in the Reports tab of Changepoint PPM.

Financial Dashboard

The Financial Dashboard displays budget comparisons for your enterprise’s business units, investment classes, and your planned and actual budget. This dashboard also tracks all relevant financial details for active projects.

Agile Project Report Dashboard

The Agile Project Report Dashboard shows the snapshot of an Agile project as a whole as well as critical items that reside within the project.

This dashboard gives you a picture of a project, sprint, or week that shows you what is happening in a way that is organized, easy to understand, and effective.

While both of these Accelerators are pre-built packages, you can customize them yourself, further optimizing them for your needs.