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Empty report output sent when report is delivered via email


When delivering a report via email (either using Run With Options or scheduling the report), the report output, whatever the format, is empty.

Another symptom, if there are no other prompts than static choices ones, is that the Prompt Values section, in the Run With Options or Report Schedule window, will show 'There are no prompts to set'.


The report uses static choices value prompt(s), and this is currently not being handled by the PPM / Analytics integration.


Do not use static choices value prompt(s) for reports you want to schedule or run with options.

Additional notes

Static choices value prompt(s) can be used to generate different report layouts/output styles based on selected values (like one page for Project Managers and/or one page for Resource Managers). In such a case, the solution is to create a report for each of these layouts and get rid of the static choices value prompt.