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Planview Customer Success Center

NPD Accelerator Dashboard (D)

Summary: The NPD Accelerator Dashboard is designed to meet below business outcomes:

  • Achieve consistent delivery to market by capturing your unique NPD methods
  • Gather all relevant product and program data into a single source of truth
  • Construct a product portfolio that will produce the most revenue and market share.
  • Increase revenue and market share by making better product investment decisions
  • Optimize resource utilization, and reduce resource conflicts and churn.
  • Coordinate product launches and hit your key product release dates

To get this Dashboard please download the attached zip file.

Details: The Dashboard includes below tabs:

  • Portfolio Status
  • Program Budget Drawdown
  • Landing Map
  • Scoring Analysis
  • Gate Tracker
  • Risk Matrix and
  • Issues Tracker

Dependencies: This dashboard uses below Dynamic Applications:

  • Gates
  • Advanced Risk
  • FA- Budget
  • Issues