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Users belonging to multiple enterprise


Why can I not edit a users email / password who belongs to multiple enterprises?


Administrators cannot change passwords of users [belonging to multiple Enterprises] to a specified password: When a user is a member of multiple Enterprises, the Administrator can only choose to send a new password to the user's email, making it imperative that the email address is valid. There is no option to specify a password. This keeps access to other Enterprises away from possible exploitation by Administrators, who might otherwise specify a user's password, then log in as them and switch to another Enterprise.

If an email needs to be updated, please contact Daptiv Support to request an update. We will verify the user can be updated in multiple enterprises. 

Additional Information

The following information applies only to users belonging to multiple enterprises. 

Reporting generates an error when switching between Enterprises: If a member of one Enterprise views reports (or the Reports tab) in one Enterprise, and then switches to another, they will encounter an error stating the current cookie is invalid. This is because Cognos recognizes Daptiv authentication based on the stored cookies; switching to another Enterprise will cause the new Enterprise to read the authentication cookie of the old Enterprise, causing an error. Users must then log out, log in, and switch their Enterprise before viewing reports or clicking the Reports tab.

User inactivation causes login failures: If a user is a member of multiple Enterprises, and they are inactivated in their default Enterprise, they will lose the ability to log in to Daptiv. At this point, they would need to contact Daptiv Support in order to get their default Enterprise reset.

Being an External Resource in the default Enterprise causes login failures: Similar to the above mentioned issue, if an External Resource in an Enterprise is added to another Enterprise, their default remains the initial Enterprise. When they attempt to log in, they receive an error as they are still an External Resource.

Notifications from alternate enterprises force re-login: Because the ability to switch between Enterprises is a specific manual function inside of Daptiv, in the dropdown menu once logged in, a user may see problems when opening notifications from multiple Enterprises. If a notification is generated, say, from an Enterprise that is not the user's default, clicking on the notification will simply bring them to the default Enterprise's dashboard and not the item linked to in the notification.