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New Workspace Field Type: Count Fields

In our next release, we’re introducing a new type of custom workspace field that tallies data from other fields in native or dynamic applications.

The new Count fields show the number of items in an application that meet criteria set by users when the field is built. For example, if you wanted to track how many items in the Risks application have a “High” impact you can set this field to count them all and display the number in your workspace.

Count fields are automatically updated whenever relevant items in the application are changed.

In the above example, if another risk was set to “High” impact, then the count-field value would increase by 1.

You can create a Count field the same way you create any other custom field, but with some additional steps. You can count data in short text, numeric, date, and pick list fields. You cannot set up counts on calculated fields, member fields, long text fields, or multi-select pick lists. 

To create a count field:

  1. Open the Custom Field Wizard from the Admin Zone. Name the field and select your workspace types.
  2. On the next screen, select Count as the field type.
  3. Select the application that has items you want to count.
  4. Select an eligible field from the application. You can count items from short text, numeric, date, and pick list fields.
  5. Set the conditions for the count. Available operators such as “greater than” or “contains” depend on the field type selected in the previous step.
  6. Click Save & Finish.

Your new Count field will be saved and appears in the list of workspace fields. However, it may take a few minutes for the field to appear in your workspaces.

Once it does appear, it can be added to views, it can be used in reports, or you can add it as a data box to your Project Dashboard.

On the Project Dashboard, a count-field data box is a link to the application where the counted data resides (e.g., the Risk application).