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Planview Customer Success Center

New Analytics Dashboard Available on December 18

Last year, we launched Changepoint Analytics, greatly expanding the reporting and business intelligence capabilities available to our customers. Since then, the ability to build dashboards has proven to be one of its most popular features and it’s easy to see why. Dashboards allow users to combine visualizations, KPIs, and other metrics to tell a story about their PPM data in a single glance.

This year, on December 18, we’re bringing those stories directly to PPM with the first iteration of the Analytics Dashboard tab. In the new Dashboard tab, project stakeholders can view a curated selection of the dashboards built in Changepoint Analytics and seamlessly switch between them to view different sets of data. The page layout of the Dashboard tab was designed to maximize usable space to minimize scrolling and even includes an option to go full screen if they need to focus fully on their data. Combined with the ability to drill into key data points to gather additional details, these features make easier than ever to gain valuable insights from your data.

Finally, we spent careful time and consideration to reimagine the way users administered dashboards for other users. Publishing, managing, and viewing dashboards are controlled by an interlocking permissions structure that allows administrators to control the dashboards experience for their users. This is balanced with affordances in the Dashboard tab that allows users to search for and view additional dashboards.

When this feature becomes available on December 18, we invite our users to take full advantage of this feature and tell compelling and insightful stories about the projects in their portfolio. We will also continue to refine the Analytics Dashboard tab, further adding to its capabilities and making it an even easier to use.