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How can I order field differently than the default sort order, to match the PPM UI?

How can I order a field differently than what Analytics does as a default and that do not necessarily match what we see in the PPM UI? When I did a sort in the Priority field from high to low in a report, "Medium" turned out to have a higher priority than "Medium High".

How can I fix this?

In reports, field values are ordered alphabetically. It's not the case in the PPM UI where, for example, the project Priority field is ordered by priority. You may also have pick-lists with options not ordered alphabetically. 

Please find below a way to order the project Priority field to match what's in the PPM UI. The same logic can apply to other fields.
1. Add a  Query calculation item to your query
2. Use the following or equivelent as its definition:

If ([Presentation].[Projects].[Priority] starts with 'High') then ('A')
else if ([Presentation].[Projects].[Priority] starts with 'Medium High') then ('B')
else if ([Presentation].[Projects].[Priority] starts with 'Medium') then ('C')
else if ([Presentation].[Projects].[Priority] starts with 'Medium Low') then ('D')
else if ([Presentation].[Projects].[Priority] starts with 'Low') then ('E')
else ('F')

3. Let's say you're using a list in your report page. Add the above field to your list

4. Click on the list column title for this field

5. Click on the ancestor button in the tool bar and choose the last list column
6. In the List column conditional properties, set Render to No
7. Click on the field's list column title then on the tool bar sort icon and choose your sort option