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Popular Features in Daptiv

TTM: Time & Task Management

TTM: Time & Task Management (3:13)

Daptiv TTM is the mobile interface for Daptiv Timesheets. You do not need to install Daptiv TTM on a device in order to use it. To access Daptiv TTM, enter the TTM URL into your device's browser. For users on our US servers, the URL is For users on our EU servers, the URL is Bookmark the TTM URL for easier access.

Task Boards

Task Boards (5:46)

Daptiv Task Boards are a simple, visual way (e.g. Kanban) for project managers and team members to track the progress and status of tasks in their Daptiv workspaces.

Task Card Functionality

Task Card Functionality (6:04)

The Task Cards occupy lanes on the Task Board representing task status. Team members can move the cards from lane to lane to change task status and increment percent complete according to the board’s configuration.

The Documents Application

The Documents Application (14:12)

How to use the Documents application, including an illustration of version history and approvals.

The Portfolio Tab

The Portfolio Tab (9:35)

This short video explains how to use the various formats and displays on the Portfolio Tab (which was formerly called the Executive Tab).

How to Schedule Reports

How to Schedule Reports (4:51)

How to schedule a report for automated email delivery.

Viewing a Project Baseline

Viewing a Project Baseline (11:48)

Use one of the Daptiv Sample Reports to compare your schedule to a previous baseline; also, how to use the baseline comparison feature in the Gantt Chart view.

Running Reports

Running Reports (1:43)

Options for running a report. (Example: Project Status Report).

Creating Dynamic Applications

Creating Dynamic Applications (27:51)

This video illustrates how to create a new, custom Dynamic Application.

Re-opening Timesheets

Re-opening Timesheets (9:58)

Once a Timesheet has been submitted, what if I need to make changes to it?

Related Items

Related Items (11:34)

Related Items allow you to associate two or more data items making it easy for team members to navigate between the items and perform actions (e.g., Approvals).


ProjectTransit (35:15)

ProjectTransit is Daptiv's schedule synchronization tool, allowing Project Managers the ability to manage their schedules from within Microsoft Project, while simultaneously allowing Team Members the ability to update their tasks within Daptiv.

MS Project IMPORT Demo

MS Project IMPORT Demo (4:05)

Project Managers have the ability to manage their schedules by IMPORTING Tasks from Microsoft Project or Excel, while simultaneously allowing Team Members the ability to update their tasks within Daptiv.