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Timesheets (video)

The Daptiv Timesheets application allows users to log and track both project and non-project work time. With Daptiv Timesheets, users can:

  • Enter hours worked in tasks and projects
  • Communicate the status of task completion to Project Managers
  • Record comments on tasks and timesheets
  • Use ad-hoc or pre-set approvals to route finished timesheets to their managers
  • Using the Mobile timesheet interface to update their timesheets


In this training video, you will learn how log in to Daptiv and use the Timesheets application to enter time against tasks, projects, and non-project work items.

This video is an introduction to Daptiv's Timesheets application. This free training is offered as a streaming MP4 video.

Recommended for:

  • “Timesheet-only” users of Daptiv
  • Team Members who are required to log their time
  • Project Managers who want to learn more about how and where time is tracked

Training Details

During this training session the instructor will cover these 4 areas:

  1. Logging in to Daptiv for the first time
  2. Timesheet overview and navigation
  3. Entering data into Timesheets
  4. Mobile Timesheets

Duration: This session is approximately 20 minutes

Delivery Type: MP4 streaming video

Location: On-demand

Price: Free