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Analytics in Daptiv

*IMPORTANT:  this introductory course is only offered in an on-demand format.  Participants will progress through the documentation, video demonstrations, and self-guided exercises at their own pace.


Price: FREE / attendee (pricing may vary depending on region or contract)

Registration: To inquire about eligibility for this training, please contact your Customer Success Manager or go directly to the University of Planview.


Analytics (Daptiv) Introduction training covers the report studio features, basic & advanced reporting options, and effective report design.

This self-guided, on-demand, web-based training consists of approximately 10 hours of instructional videos, accompanied by clearly written instructions for exercises and workshops.


Recommended For:

  • Project Managers and Team Members who need to create basic reports
  • Business Analysts who need to answer basic business questions
  • Any non-technical users who will need to write basic reports for their organization


1)  Attendees MUST have a solid familiarity with Daptiv functionality and navigation

2)  Attendees MUST watch the following video first:

    • A short video on the reporting Data Model


This course is not designed for anyone who already has medium to advanced report writing skills.  (This is an introductory course).


Training Details:

The course is designed so that each session builds upon the previous session. As a result, participants will need to follow the defined sequence of session chapters.

Accessing the training environment:

After purchasing this course, you will be provided with a temporary login to our training environment and will have access to it for up to 2 months after the class ends. You will receive a separate email with login information to the training environment.

Training manuals are attached to each video in the training series.  There is 1 PDF manual per session that we suggest you download and print to facilitate your learning process.


Each training session consist of the following training items:

  1. Instructor-led Demonstrations: participants observe while video instructor demonstrates a new Analytics concept.
  2. Exercises:  participants follow instructions in the manual and build a report on their computer in the training environment. The resumed video will then discuss the exercise and continue on to additional demonstrations and exercises.
  3. Workshops: participants are given requirements for a report and create the report on their own. In the resumed video, the instructor reviews and demonstrates the report building.


Course Agenda:

  • Chapter #0: Introduction to Analytics
  • Chapter #1: List Reports
  • Chapter #2: Crosstab Reports
  • Chapter #3: Chart Reports
  • Chapter #4: Filters
  • Chapter #5: Prompts
  • Chapter #6: Calculations
  • Chapter #7: Conditional Formatting
  • Chapter #8: Master Detail Relationships
  • Chapter #9: Joins
  • Chapter #10: Unions
  • Chapter #11: Drill-throughs & Direct Links
  • Chapter #12: Layout, Formatting, & Design
  • Chapter #13: Useful Expressions, Tips, & Tricks
  • Chapter #14: Dashboards and Stories
  • Chapter #15: Data Sets and Data Modules

Duration: Each video session is 20 to 60 minutes in length.
Delivery Type: Self-guided, on-demand videos and documentation 

Price: FREE 

Registration: To inquire about eligibility for this training, please contact your Customer Success Manager or go directly to the University of Planview.