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Installing Slide Publisher

Slide Publisher uses the following components:

  • AdaptiveWork app: Slide Publisher can be installed by an admin from the AdaptiveWork App Marketplace. This app includes a custom action that is enabled on the project level, and is used to publish the presentation using the template and AdaptiveWork data.
  • MS PowerPoint "Template Wizard" Add-On allows you to add placeholder tags to your template that are later replaced with real-time data from your AdaptiveWork account.
    Install the add-on for free from the MS store or by manually downloading this Manifest XML file to your local PC and installing in MS.

To install from the MS Office Store:

  1. In the PowerPoint application, open the Insert tab on the ribbon. Go to Office Add-ins or My add-Ins (on a Mac) > Store. This step may differ slightly depending on your version of MS PowerPoint.
  2. Search for AdaptiveWork Slide Publisher. Click Add.
  3. This will add a new button to your Insert tab.



To install manually:

Download this Manifest XML file and save the file on your computer.

On Windows

To upload to my organization, select one of the links below:

  1. Go to Insert > Office Add-ins > My Organization.
  2. Click Upload My Add-in. Select the file and click Upload.
    This will add a new button to your Insert ribbon.

  3. slide_publisher.PNG

Note: If you do not see My Organization, you may need to manually add the location of the Manifest XML file:

  1. Open PowerPoint Options > Trust Center > Trust Add-in Catalogs.
  2. Under Trusted Catalogs Table, add the location/path to the Manifest.
  3. In addition, make sure to share with 'Everyone' the folder where the Manifest is located. Right-click the folder and open the Sharing tab. Add the user or Everyone and grant Read permission (at a minimum).
  4. Go to add-ins, and in the shared folder, install the add-in.

On a MAC

  1. Copy the downloaded file, and go to -/Library/Containers/
  2. In the Data folder, open the Documents folder and create a new folder called wef. Paste the Manifest file in the new folder.
  3. Open your PowerPoint presentation. In the Insert tab, open My Add-Ins.
    You will see the AdaptiveWork add-in as well as a confirmation message.
  4. Click Slide Publisher to log in and start creating slides.


Once the installation process is complete, future access to your Slide Publisher is quick and easy. With the SSO (Single Sign-On) option you will go through a one time authentication process and then simply enter your username to log in.
For more information regarding the Slide Publisher SSO click here.