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Planview Customer Success Center

Adding key dates to roadmaps



This feature is in Beta  / Controlled Availability. To request early access, contact your Customer Success Manager. Planview, at its own discretion, reserve the right to accept or reject a customer request to enable a feature that is in Beta / Controlled Availability (i.e. “Beta software”) state. If a customer’s request is approved,  an addendum to the Planview agreement will be required prior to the enablement of the feature in the customer environment, to address legal terms related to the use of Beta software.


You can change the roadmap name, the group by property, and which properties you want to use for the bar color and fill. You can also add a duration bar, milestones, percentage value and a color-coded dot that represents a project property such as the schedule status, importance, or geographical region.

You can add key dates to the timeline to mark important dates. These can be dates that are relevant to all projects and sub-projects throughout the timeline represented in the roadmap.

  1. In the roadmap menu bar, click Key dates.
  2. In the Key dates panel, click Add new.
  3. Enter a name for the key date.
  4. Click Select date to enter the date.
  5. To save the key date, click the check mark CheckMark.png.
  6. To cancel the key date, click the xCancel.png.