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Automate 'Apply Task Assignment' with Configurations

What's New

The Apply Task Assignment feature in the Resource Planning screen enables Resource Managers or Team Leads managing assignments to mirror people’s aggregate Task Assignment on a Project (the lower total row) to Project Assignment (the upper total row).

This feature, previously available in the user interface, can now be used in Configurations (except Workflow rules).


Get a more accurate picture of Project assignments in the Capacity planning module, by applying task assignments to Projects. This is especially useful when not using staffing requests in your workflow.

How it Works

In the Set Actions window, a new Apply Task Assignment option is available.



This customization must run on the Project object.


The custom action applies to all users assigned to Project tasks. You cannot select specific users only.

This example shows a custom action from a Project that applies task assignments to its Sub-Projects when the start date is before today, from the Sub-Project's start date to today.