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Release at a Glance

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This list provides a preview of the new features planned for the release and may change at the time of the release. Stay tuned!

February 21, 2016


Click here to watch the Webinar recording, that provides an overview of the new features and enhancements introduced in the Winter '15 '16 release.

The below table summarizes a list of features introduced in the release and their potential impact on your environment.

New feature

Enabled by default? Requires admin setup Contact your account executive Affects existing configuration or data Affected audience
Interactive and actionable Calendar view

System Administrators
Calendar users
Data Warehouse Export

System Administrators
External Collaborator solution

System Administrators
Project Managers
Document Publisher support for PowerPoint with macros (.pptm) System Administrators
Report enhancements

All users
Real-time updates for multiple editors System Administrators
All users
Quick Tasks and Action Items Import app System Administrators
Project Managers
Activity Stream app System administrator,
Project Administrator,
Project Owner
Obsolete System Property System Administrator


The below table summarizes a list of issues fixed in the release.

Functional area Description
Authentication Signed requests fails on signature check.
Business rules Pick list selection is reset in the custom actions form when mandatory data is missing.
NewObject references in rules are duplicated when created out of order.
Error when creating a task referenced in a view.
Error with custom action on Project object creation.
Theme Editor -> The application crashes when trying to open up the navigation bar while being inside of a project/task.
Conditional Formatting>Formatting Editor Issues with conditional formatting when creating a report using <Project>.Project Customers field
Document Management > Webpage links Changing a page name results in a broken page URL.
Performance Performance issues when updating project data.
Slow system performance in Timesheets.
Portfolio When setting Price and Rates on a Portfolio, a general database error occurs.
Profiles Organization default profile does not show all members.
Filtering and sorting Combination of Mine and TopLevel filters not working in the Projects page.
Projects > Multi Manager An error is displayed when adding a project based on a template where the user is already assigned the Manager role.
Reports and dashboards In reports exported to PDF, logo has a shadow along top and left borders.
In custom reports, Sum on grouping is not showing correctly for reports over 1 page.
Missing a note that indicates that a Dashboard panel displays a subset of data when using 2-even column layout.
Existing Case reports stopped working.
Reports and dashboards> Export to MS Excel Unable to export reports to MS Excel.
Groups of users are excluded from a report exported to MS Excel.
Reports with grouping export to Excel as a flat list.
Roles and authorization Resources are not displayed correctly in the detailed Task View and grid.
Time tracking Error on AdaptiveWork Time Entry->ORA-00904: "WI.IDENT_OID": invalid identifier
Widgets Accessing a shared read-only views with a filter at runtime redirects to the Login page.
Work items operation and calculations Update % Complete in the Offline Mode does not update correctly.
Work items operation and calculations A validation error is displayed when trying to change/select a job title from within the price settings for a task.