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Planview Customer Success Center

Release at a Glance

New features

The below table summarizes a list of features introduced in the release and their potential impact on your environment.

New feature Enabled by default? Requires admin setup Contact your account executive Affects existing configuration or data Affected audience
Resource overload display enhancements Project managers
AdaptiveWork integration with JIRA System administrators
iHUB Usability Improvements System Administrators

Fixed issues

The below table summarizes a list of issues fixed in the release.

Functional area Fixed Issue Description
Time sheets General performance improvements in timesheets.
Number settings Unable to save numbers with a thousand separator (1,000) in the value editor, even when the format setting is set to allow it.
Templates Reverting custom icons for work items, reverts the icons in the custom template used to create the custom icons.
UI Unable to make changes to the org default view of the Home page.
Reports Missing results when tasks are grouped by parent.
The Files by Projects report displays rows of data that do not match the number of work items in the project.
Gantt View Gantt supports the Compact mode in grids, unless there are top or bottom labels in the Gantt bars.