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Benefits realization

Benefits Realization

The Benefits Realization capability supports the monitoring of the achievement of an organization’s products, such as benefits, efficiencies, and revenue. Each capability within the Planview Capability Framework has a distinct set of features and functionality, business processes, best practices, and analytics and reports that deliver value to customers in the form of specific business outcomes.


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The benefits realization capability provides organizations the ability to monitor and manage a product’s expected benefits, revenue, and overall achievement, enabling better decision-making on which products to enhance, sunset, or continue to support. This capability supports the ongoing monitoring of product financials compared to the baseline, and the tracking of key results towards organizational objectives.        


Benefits Realization Process Steps


Benefits Realization (PD Only) Process Flow 2.jpg

Benefits realization process flow


Process Step Description
Roll up product financials The purpose of this step is to summarize product costs and benefits to date by rolling up financial planning data from associated work and strategy entities.
Review product financials against the baseline The purpose of this step is to monitor the realization of the product financials via a comparison against the baseline in order to track any variance. Users should harness this information to make well-informed decisions on the portfolio of products and/or to make any appropriate corrective actions.

The product financial planning detail will have been updated with appropriate budget and target data during the product planning and funding process, and a financial baseline will have been taken.
Manage ongoing product financials

As product financials are monitored and compared against the baseline, the product manager can manage both forecasted and actual information going forward.

For more information:

Review relevant key results against objectives Key Results allow you to capture and track progress toward your objectives. Product and portfolio managers should periodically review the current state of key results to see if progress is being made towards relevant objectives
Enhance/retire product This step represents a decision point.

Based on the product information captured to date and compared against baselines (financial data and additional key results), a decision should be made on whether the product should continue to be enhanced and funded or whether it should be retired.
Closure If a decision is made to retire the product, update the product status to reflect this.