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Integrated Flow


The foundational stage of the Planview Flow Maturity Model, Integrated Flow, is dedicated to empowering customers to achieve seamless value flow.

An integrated toolchain ensures smooth transitions between different development stages, reducing friction and delays. As a result, teams can collaborate more efficiently, eliminating handoffs and bottlenecks, ultimately leading to faster and more streamlined workflows.

With an integrated toolchain, stakeholders gain real-time visibility into the entire development process. This transparency fosters a deeper understanding of progress, potential issues, and overall performance, enabling better decision-making and planning.

The Integrated Flow level for your Portfolio and Value Stream Network is complete when the following conditions are met.

  • Value stream canvas is complete
  • Connectivity, traceability, and alignment indexes are established
  • Integration patterns are defined in Planview Hub (Optional)


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Integrated Flow Detailed Steps

See the Integrated Flow Detailed Steps for further step-by-step guidance and examples. 

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