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Why is Viz surfacing my single or multi-select as a text field when setting a condition?

Last Updated:  |  Applicable Viz Versions: All 


When setting a condition for a single or multi-select field, you may notice that Viz sometimes provides a text box instead of a list of field values. But why?


This could occur for several reasons, including:

  • Field has more than 1000 possible values: You may notice this for fields like tags or labels. To ensure proper loading and adequate user experience, Viz does not currently support surfacing field values for fields with 1000+ values. 
  • Connector Limitations: This could be due to third party API limitations or other functional limitations. Please review our Connector Docs for additional details on specific connector(s) or field(s).
  • User Configuration: For certain fields, such as ServiceNow fast reference fields, a user may deliberately configure a field to avoid field value retrieval.
  • Tool Connection Errors: Errors may occasionally occur that impact schema and field value retrieval. Check the tool connection logs for additional details.

The good news is that you won’t be blocked — you can simply type in the field value and Viz will match based on text.

Once reprocessing has completed, you can validate that the artifact counts match what is expected on the Artifact Modeling screen.


If you have additional questions, please contact customer care.