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How does Viz collect data from my tools?

Last Updated:   |  Applicable Viz Versions: All


How does Viz ingest data from my tools?

When Viz first connects to a tool, it runs a full scan that picks up any artifacts updated within the last 6 months.

After that, change detection is run by default every 4 hours to pick up new and updated artifacts.

At the end of each change detection, Viz will also automatically refresh artifact set metadata for the items listed below. This helps in scenarios where newly created artifact types or fields do not appear in Viz, for example, when categorizing artifacts or setting conditions.

  • Artifact types

  • All fields (but not all field values)

  • Project names

  • Status values

  • Container names (i.e., Jira Align Program names)

If you need to refresh field values (e.g., for field values used to set conditions), please contact customer care and request an 'options reload.'

How does Viz translate that data into Flow Metrics?

Flow Metrics are generated based on the Flow Items and Flow States assigned to each artifact in the Categorize Artifacts tab. Therefore, the metrics will exclude:

  • Uncategorized artifacts and states

  • Artifacts that were 'done' on the first day Viz connected (unless they re-open, in which case they'll be represented as a negative in Flow Velocity®)

Additionally, if you would like to pull in a new field on artifacts that have already been scanned, or if a field you are using isn't reported in the tool's API, a High Fidelity Scan may be necessary. Please reach out to customer care for details.