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Planview Customer Success Center

System Requirements

General Requirements

Planview Viz® is a cloud application accessed via an internet browser. Viz should be accessed via the latest version of your internet browser.

Supported Browsers

Planview Viz® is supported on the following browsers:

  • Firefox 70.0+
  • Google Chrome 78.0+

  • Internet Explorer 11 (Latest Version)
    • Note: Internet Explorer 9 is not supported.

Note: Internet Explorer is not a recommended browser for using Viz. We recommend using the latest Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Firewall Configuration

See additional information on Viz architecture and firewall configuration here.

Outbound Restrictions

If you have outbound firewall restrictions, you’ll need to open port 443 for and in order to access Viz.

Inbound Restrictions

If you have inbound firewall restrictions for cloud tools, please contact customer care for assistance.

Next Steps

After checking your system requirements, the next step is to create a Viz account