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codebeamer is a an Application Lifecycle Management tool that enables teams to manage their software development, requirements, testing and quality, risk management, variants management and more. codebeamer focuses on supporting industry-specific solutions for the automotive, medical, and avionics industries. The tool implements preconfigured templates to support users in complying to various safety-critical standards.



Supported Extensions

codebeamer X

The codebeamer connector supports both codebeamer and codebeamer X (formerly Intland Retina).



Connector Setup Details

This section describes the basic steps needed to prepare your codebeamer instance for use with Viz. 

Minimal User Permissions & Viz User

We recommend that you create a new user within your external tool, to be used only for Viz. This is the user information you will enter when setting up your tool connection within Planview Viz. By creating a new user, you will ensure that the correct permissions are granted.

In general, your user account should have sufficient permissions to read artifacts in your tool. 

Your user should have a secure password or token. Please be aware that Viz will not allow you to save a tool connection utilizing a weak password/token, such as 'tasktop.'

See codebeamer documentation to learn how to create a custom user in codebeamer.

List of minimal user permissions:

  • Project admin role

Connecting to the codebeamer Repository

Standard Authentication

Required Fields:

codeBeamer Tool Connection Screen



Supported Artifacts

Supported Work Items

Supported Work Item Type

Applicable Repository Versions

Unique URL?


Any supported repository version:


Change Requests

Any supported repository version:



Any supported repository version:



Any supported repository version:



Any supported repository version:



Any supported repository version:


User Stories

Any supported repository version:


Custom artifacts of standard types listed above

Any supported repository version:


Supported Containers

Containers that can be modeled as Flow Items

Applicable Repository Versions

Unique URL?



Containers used to define which artifacts are included in an Artifact Set




Any supported repository version:




Supported Field Types

Planview Viz supports configuring rule-based modeling (i.e., conditional modeling) using the field types shown below.

Note: If one field of a given type is supported, others that are also that type in theory should also work. However, sometimes there are instances in which this is not the case due to the repository. So, while we can claim support for fields at the type level, there is a chance that some specific fields of a given type will not function properly.

Standard Field Type

How is field type referenced in the repository?

Sample Repository Fields Supported

Particular Repository Fields NOT Supported

checkicon.png String


Wiki Link/URL*

*Supported in codebeamer versions 10.0+



checkicon.png Single Select



Allowed/Default Values configuration

codebeamer currently supports dependency between fields and the allowed values based on the state of the dependent fields. For example, the Requirements tracker type contains a field "Reached Coverage". This is a single select field that is dependent on the state of the "Status" field. If the requirement has a status "new", only specific values are allowed, but if the requirement were of status "rejected", differing values would be allowed. codebeamer's REST APIs currently do not support this level of information being accessed by Viz. As a consequence, mappings may not work with codebeamer depending on the state of the source field.

Other known fields with similar limitations: "Status", "Resolution"

There are 2 potential solutions at this time:

  1. Specific Known Mapping Setup: When the user is creating an integration with codebeamer, the mapping of any of these fields with dependency configurations must be set to an expected valid selection that codebeamer would support based on the codebeamer configuration. These could be based on constant values or based on selections the user can manually verify are valid based on the codebeamer configuration.

  2. Reconfiguration of Fields: As an alternative solution, the user could reconfigure the fields in codebeamer that have dependencies to other fields and allow for the same selections to be valid regardless of the state of the dependent field.

checkicon.png Multi Select

Multi Choice



checkicon.png Boolean


Neither bugs nor requirements have a standard boolean system field