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What are Flow States?

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Flow States are the generic workflow states of a Flow Item in the value stream: New, Waiting, Active, Done, and Canceled. Every possible artifact state can be mapped to one of the five Flow States in order to calculate Flow Time, Flow Efficiency®, and Flow Velocity®.

Flow State Description Example
New The first state an artifact enters as soon as it is opened and before it is committed to.

Note: If your first state is a committed state, you don't need to assign a 'new' state. Instead, assign a 'waiting' or 'active' state.
  • New
  • To Triage
Waiting A 'holding' state indicating that the artifact is waiting and not actively being worked on.
  • To Do
  • Blocked
  • Ready
  • Waiting for Approval
Active An active state where work is actually being done on the artifact.
  • In Design
  • SWAG
  • In Dev
  • In Progress
  • In QA
Done The final state an artifact moves to, representing that it is complete and has delivered some or all of its intended value.
  • Done
  • Complete
  • Resolved
Canceled This state represents work that has been voided, deferred, or invalidated.
  • Canceled
  • Deferred
  • Descoped
  • Rejected
Ignore An artifact state you intentionally want to exclude from your metrics.