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The first stage of set-up is for an admin to provision the environment. Before beginning, identify all the external tools and tool versions you'd like to connect to gather Flow Metrics.  

If all the tools you'll be connecting to are cloud tools, your set up process will be very simple.If all tools are on cloud...

If any of your tools are on-premises, an additional agent installation step will be necessary to connect through your firewall. Before installing the agent, you'll want to ensure your machine meets our system requirements.

If one or more tools are on-prem...

Provisioning Set-Up

  1. To begin provisioning your environment, you will first need to check the system requirements
  2. After checking the system requirements, the next step is to create a Viz account.
  3. If any of your tool connections are on-prem, you will also need to install an agent.
  4. Your final step will be to connect tools to your Viz instance.