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I don't see the data I'm expecting


There are many potential reasons why you might not see the data that you are expecting. 

Status of the data record

Verify that the data object has a Lifecycle State of "Active" and where applicable, an approved Enterprise Approved state.


If you are looking for a data record in a list view, check whether a filter has been applied to the view. For example, when viewing an entity catalog such as "Companies", check the filters in the view to make sure that the data record is not being excluded by the selected value. 


Dashboard reports and rules

If viewing a dashboard, check the reports and rules that comprise the widgets. There may be some constraints that prevent the data from appearing, or conversely, there might be data appearing in the widget that should be excluded.

Relationships from roll up versus roll down

Relationships might not appear as expected. The great majority of relationships between entity records roll up from a subentity to be included in the related entities for the entity that is higher in a hierarchy. However, sometimes the relationships roll down from a higher entity to its subentities. The result is that it might not be obvious where related entities to an entity in a hierarchy originate from.

Relationships are defined by a qualifier that does not denote the direction of the relationship. For example, a relationship qualifier is "delivers" (as in system delivers a capability), where the capability is in a hierarchy. By delivering to a capability, the system also inherently delivers to the subcapabilities of the capability. 

However, on a subcapability record, the fact that the relationship to the system is rolling down from the capability might not be obvious.