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About the Lifecycle Roadmap insight

You can view and compare the lifecycle roadmaps of entities in the Lifecycle Roadmap insight.

To create a lifecycle roadmap:

  1. Click Add > Insight > Lifecycle Roadmap. The Lifecycle Roadmap insight appears.
  2. To add entities:
    1. Click Details.
    2. Click Add Entity. A search field appears.
    3. Start typing the entity name in the field and then select the entity from the results that appear.
  3. To view more details about a lifecycle state of an entity record, click the lifecycle state section of the bar.
  4. To remove an entity record, click anywhere in the lifecycle roadmap bar and then click Remove entity.
  5. To rearrange the rows:
    1. Click Reorder Rows, and then do one of the following:
      • To rearrange rows manually, select Manually and then drag the rows to the desired position.
      • To sort rows by date, select By date.
      • To sort rows alphabetically by entity record, select By name.
    2. Click Save changes.
  6. To change the time periods, click Years, and then select Months or Weeks.
  7. To delete a lifecycle state from the entity, click the lifecycle state section of the bar and then select Delete bar.

     Caution: Deleting the lifecycle state permanently removes the state from the entity.

  8. To exit the insight or view its entities, click View Entities in the top right corner.

To remove an entity that has no planned lifecycles from the Lifecycle Roadmap insight:

  1. Click View entities.
  2. Scroll to the related entity section.
  3. Click the edit icon beside the entity record. The Association Editor appears.
  4. Clear the Includes check box for the association.
  5. Click Save edits.