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About field sets

A field set contains one or more custom fields and can be added to more than one entity catalog.

Custom fields must be added to a field set before they can be displayed on the user interface. You can add a custom field to more than one field set.

Creating a field set

  1. Click the main menu icon, and then select Administer > Field Sets.
  2. In the Field Sets view, click Create Field Set.
  3. In the Create Field Set view, complete the fields as required. For more information, see the "Create Field Set view options" section.
  4. To add a field to the field set:
    1. In the Fields Included field, type part of the custom field name and then click the name when it appears in the list.
    2. Click Add to add the custom field to the field set.
  5. When you have finished adding fields, click Save.

Create Field Set view options

Field names



Name of the field set.


Text that is displayed when the user points to the help icon for the field set on the user interface.


Notes about the field set for admin users.

Field Set Initial View When the check box is selected, the field set is expanded by default when displayed on the entity.
Fields included

Search field for finding and adding custom fields to the field set.