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About contributions

A contribution is any change made by users to entity records and insight items. Due to the collaborative nature of barometerIT and to encourage contributions, all users have the access rights to create and edit entities. Contributions include the following information:

  • action performed (created, updated, deleted)
  • entity, field or association that was edited
  • current and previous values of attribute, if edited
  • amount of time since the contribution

Contributions appear in the following locations:

  • News – The News feed appears on main pages such as the Enterprise page. All of the contributions for the selected date are grouped by entity. You can expand the contribution list for an entity to view each contribution individually.
  • History – The History feed appears on entity pages, and displays the activities for the entity grouped by user by date.

Every entity record has a Content Status, while insight items do not. The Content Status controls contributions throughout the lifecycle of an entity. Contributions made by users are committed immediately unless the entity record has a content status of Completed or Approved, in which case all contributions to the entity record must be approved by an editor before they are committed.

The Content Statuses, in order, are listed in the following table.


Entity record has been created.


Entity record has been prioritized for completion, with a completion date.

In Process

Entity record is being inventoried and has a completion date.


Entity record is complete, but requires approval.


Entity record has been approved.