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An actor represents an individual or group that participates in business operations and interacts with other entities such as capabilities and systems.

Actors can be roles or personas. An example of an actor is "Customer Service Representative."

Actor fields

Field name



Name of the entity record. Names should be descriptive and intuitive.


Description of the entity.

Lifecycle State

The state of the entity with respect to enterprise management and planning.

Content Status

State of the entity record. Content status is used to control contributions throughout the lifecycle of an entity. The statuses are as follows, in order:

  • Identified – entity record has been added, perhaps with very minimal information.
  • Planned – entity record has been prioritized for inventory, with a completion date.
  • In Process – entity record is being inventoried, with a completion date.
  • Completed – inventory is complete, but is yet to be reviewed.
  • Approved – inventory has been reviewed and verified.

Lifecycle Roadmap

Chart that displays the lifecycle states for the entity graphically in a time frame according to their date ranges (if set).


URLs to online resources that provide additional information about the entity.


A custom flag that you can add to entity records to group them into a collection or report.