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Troubleshooting SPM Importing Errors


If you see this…

Check this…

Errors indicate that required fields are missing, but they’re on the spreadsheet.

The file format must be CSV, not CSV UTF-8.

The field names (column headers) must be spelled and capitalized exactly as they are in SPM.

The field format in the spreadsheet must match the data type in SPM.


Dates aren’t imported or are imported incorrectly.

The date format must be mm/dd/yyyy.

The date format must be exported properly from Changepoint Analytics, even if it appears correctly in the CSV file.


The results page shows data from several fields combined into a single field.

Text fields cannot have line breaks.

Text fields cannot have commas.

Error states that entity already exists.

When importing demand data, the NAME value must be unique unless the demand data includes an existing BAROMETER_NO value. If the BAROMETER_NO value exists, then that record will be updated with the imported data.

Text field data is not imported or is not imported correctly.

Text fields cannot have line breaks.

Text fields cannot have commas.

Special characters will not be imported.

Currency fields are not imported correctly.

SPM supports only two decimal places for currency.

Currency values cannot have commas.

Pick list values are not imported.

Pick list values in the spreadsheet must exactly match the available options in SPM.