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About reports

About reports

A report is a query that displays the entity records that match the query.

You can do the following with reports:

  • embed reports within a report
  • gather data for reporting across entity relationships
  • create AND and OR logic
  • customize the columns you want to view in the report
  • export to CSV, JSON, or XML
  • use a report as the criteria for a Summary View

To create a report:

  1. Click Add > Insight > Report.
  2. The Add New Report dialog box appears.
  3. Enter a name and description, and select the entity type.
  4. To specify the data to be included:
    1. In the Query field, click New Criteria > Edit. The Edit Criteria dialog box appears.
    2. In the Attribute field, select the entity field that you want to use to filter the entity data on.
    3. In the Operator field, select the operator.
    4. In the value field, specify the value. The value field type changes depending on the entity field type.
    5. If the value is a report, you can restrict the items of the same type in the column collections of the matching results by this criteria. Only the attribute records that match the criteria are displayed in the columns that display the attribute records.
    6. Click Update Criteria.
  5. Click Create.