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About bubble charts

In a bubble chart, you configure the position of bubbles on the x-axis and y-axis based on the values of a scorecard or a custom field for an entity type. The size of the bubbles is determined by the results of a scorecard only. You then add the entity records to be included in the bubble chart.

To create a bubble chart:

  1. Create the bubble chart record (Add > Insight > Bubble chart).
  2. Enter a name and description, and then click Create. The bubble chart appears.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. In the Entity Type field, select the entity type.
  5. In the X-axis field and Y-axis field:
    1. Select Scorecard or Custom field.
    2. Select the scorecard or custom field whose values determine the position of the bubbles on the axis.
    3. Select the chart display option:
      • Fixed scale – scale starts at the minimum possible value and ends at the maximum possible value of the scorecard or custom field
      • Zoom to fit – scale starts at the minimum values and ends at the maximum values of the actual data in the chart; that is, the value from the scorecard or custom field.
      • Custom range – scale starts and ends at the user-specified values and therefore displays only the data that falls within the selected range
  6. In the Bubble Size field, select the scorecard whose values determine the size of the bubbles.
  7. To add the entity records:
    1. Click Add Entity.
    2. Start entering the entity name and then select the entity record from the results that appear.
  8. To exit the bubble chart or view its entities, click View Entities in the top right corner of the bubble chart.

To remove entity records from the bubble chart:

  1. Click View entities.
  2. Scroll to the related entity section.
  3. Click the edit icon beside the entity record that you want to remove. The Association Editor appears.
  4. Clear the Includes check box for the association.
  5. Click Save edits.