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Planview Customer Success Center

Service Accounts

Service Accounts in barometerIT are shared account that can only access our APIs. A User Administrator can create a Service Account via barometerIT app or the REST APIs. To create a Service Account via the barometerIT app, please follow these steps.

1. Create a new Person in the App. Please make sure you add a valid email address to the person.

2. Select the "Create Service Account" button on the profile's User Admin widget. 

3. Set the Username and Password for the Service Account.

4. Your Service Account has been created! Now you can boost its privileges (Roles) inside the Application.

5. Be careful when you add privileges (Roles) to a Service Account. Anyone who has access to the Service Account has access to the privileges given to this account.

6. You can add People as contacts for the Service account and they'll receive notification emails on behalf of the Service Account. This way a whole team can know if the Service Account is locked or needs attention.

If you have questions about the barometerIT Service Accounts, please contact us here.

For more information about our integrations, please visit our help center's About Integrations article.