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About the System Inventory Status insight

System Inventory Status displays the content status of systems used by an organization, and the changes in the statuses over the past 10 weeks. You can filter the chart data to display all systems, root systems, or core systems.

The table below the chart lists the number of systems by organization, the number of approved systems, and the content status. In the table, you can expand the organization to see the system inventory status of the entire organizational hierarchy. You can use this insight tool to quickly measure the progress of cataloging systems for an organization.

To create a System Inventory Status insight:

  1. Click Add > Insight > System Inventory Status.
  2. Enter a name and description and then click Create.
  3. To select an organization:
    1. Click Details in the top right corner.
    2. In the Perspective Organization field, click Edit.
    3. In the field that appears, search for and then select the organization.
    4. Click Save Changes.
  4. To filter the chart data, select one of the options above the column chart:
    • to display the data for all systems, click All Systems
    • to display the data for root systems only, click Root
    • to display the data for core systems only, click Core
  5. To see the system inventory status of the entire hierarchy of the selected organization, click Expand to target.
  6. To exit the system inventory status or view its entities, click View Entities in the top right corner.