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Creating a dashboard: simple example

This example explains how to create a dashboard that includes pie charts that show entities that have been updated in the last two weeks, and the users who performed the most updates on each of the entities.

The entities are: Actors, Capabilities, Companies, Connections, Data, and Systems.

To create the dashboard you must do the following:

  1. Create a report for each entity to collect the list of entities that have been updated in the last two weeks.
  2. Create the dashboard, to which you add pie charts that display the data from the entity reports.
Create a Report for each entity
  1. Create a Report for each entity that collects the entity records that were updated in the last 14 days. Name each report so that you can readily identify it, for example “Actors updated in the last 14 days.”
  2. Select the entity type.
  3. Add the query as follows:
    1. Attribute: Last Revision Date
    2. Operator: within last
    3. Days: 14
Create the Dashboard for Entities updated in last 14 days
  1. Add a Dashboard called “Entities updated in last 14 days.”
  2. Add a section that has three parts to the Dashboard:
  3. In each part, add two widgets. In each widget, add a different entity type:
    1. Click Add widget.
    2. Select Pie.
    3. Select the entity.
    4. In the Filter field, select the report that you created for the entity.
    5. In the Value to summarize field, select the Last Updated By entity field. This setting summarizes the number of updates by user.
    6. In the Show up to field, select 10 slices.
  4. To adjust the width of a widget, click the widget menu and then select the half-sized bar.
  5. Click Save Dashboard.