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User Access Roles

Each user is automatically assigned the Registered User role when they sign in the first time, after which you can assign them additional roles for wider access to functionality.

Registered User

Can view and add most types of entities, but have limited editing privileges.


Users with an editor role can add, edit, and delete the records for the corresponding entity type. When editorial review workflows are in place, editors can review and accept or reject proposed edits. Types of entity editors are:

  • Actor Editor
  • Capability Editor
  • Collection Editor
  • Company Editor
  • Compliance Rule Editor
  • Connection Editor – Also administers the Connection Details options.
  • Data Editor
  • Demand Editor
  • Deployment Editor
  • Document Editor
  • Market Editor
  • Organization Editor
  • Person Editor – Includes ability to edit and delete Profiles. Invite Administrator is required to issue invites to new users. User Administrator is required to manage user privileges and access roles.
  • Product Editor
  • Scorecard Editor
  • Skill Editor
  • Standard Editor
  • Strategy Editor
  • Super Editor – Has the create, edit and delete privileges of all other Editors. This does not include the privileges of Administrator roles.
  • System Editor
  • Tag Editor
  • Technology Editor
  • Worksheet Editor

Administrator roles

Invite Administrator

Can issue and manage invitations in barometerIT, but they cannot edit People records.

Report Administrator

View all manager reports for all organizations.

Settings Administrator

Manage all customizable data elements, such as Custom Fields, Fieldsets, Fieldset Locations, and Option Lists.

Access the Task Manager view.

User Administrator

Manages user access to barometerIT. Person Editor is required to add, edit, and delete People, including their Profiles. Invite Administrator is required to issue and manage invitations to barometerIT.

Web Services

The web services roles control access to the web services module.

  • Web Services Access - Blueprint – controls fine-grained access to the entities in the enterprise map
  • Web Services Access - Data Export – larger grained interface that provides access to many entity records at once, for example, large batches of systems
  • Web Services Access - Foundation – same as Web Services Access - Blueprint
  • Web Services Access - People – used by Activie Directory and LDAP integrations


  • Data Extract User – Access and download Data Extracts.
  • Data Import – Provides access to the Data Import tool.
  • Integration Administrator - Adapter – Manages the adapters between external sources and barometerIT.
  • Integration Administrator - Reconciliation – Manages reconciliation between external sources and barometerIT.