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About barometerIT

Using barometerIT, users can create a complete map of the enterprise infrastructure, both from the business and technology perspectives. Based on the data in the map, you can identify, analyze, and evaluate different aspects of business initiatives and IT portfolios and the relationships between them.

barometerIT consists of three main areas of functionality:

  • enterprise map data – enterprise users enter the data for the entities (for example actors, organizations, capabilities, systems, technologies) in the business and technology architectures, and the relationships between them. Once the entity data is entered, users can view the entities and their relationships, including from different perspectives through pivoting.
  • insight tools – tools such as rules, scorecards, reports, collections, bubble charts, and dashboards, that you use to display and interpret the data in various ways and formats, .
  • administration – administrators can add users and set their security access, customize barometerIT field labels and options, add custom fields, and so on.