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About dashboards

A dashboard is a custom view to which you can add widgets that display text and/or entity data in various formats such as lists, tables, charts, and insight tools.

To create a dashboard:

  1. Click Add > Insight > Dashboard.
  2. Click Edit Dashboard.
  3. Click the section diagram that includes the number of sections you want for the dashboard.
  4. To add a title to the dashboard, type the title in the empty field to the top left of the dashboard.
  5. To add data to the dashboard:
    1. To add data to a section, in the section, click Add widget. The Configure Widget dialog appears.
    2. Select the type of widget and then complete the fields as required.
    3. To adjust the width of a widget, click the widget menu and then select the bar size that you want.
    4. Click Accept changes.
  6. Click Save Dashboard.