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About field set locations

Field set locations are the entity catalogs to which you can add field sets, for example Demand, Persons, Strategies and so on.

Each entity has a Basic Info section. The field sets that you add to this section are displayed on each entity in the entity catalog when you view or edit them. The remaining sections are for the association relationships for the entity.

Adding custom fields to a field set location

  1. Click the main menu icon, and then select Administer > Field Set Locations.
  2. In the Field Set Locations view, select the entity catalog that you want to add the fields to.
  3. To add a field set to a section, click Add Field Set.
  4. In the Field Set Selector dialog, select the field set.
  5. To always display the field set in the entity, click Always Visible.
  6. To display the field set only when it meets criteria that you specify:
    1. Click Visible When.
    2. Click New Criteria, and then select Edit.
    3. Select the attribute, operator, and value for the criteria, and then click Update Criteria.
    4. To add another criteria, click the criteria you just added and then select the "Or" or "And" operand and repeat the previous step.

    5. When you are finished adding criteria, click Save.