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Barometer Roadmaps

Roadmaps display entities, in this case, demands, over a timeline. The first column displays cards for demands that are in an active status, and includes both cards to be added to the timeline and cards that have already been added.

The working area displays the timeline. You drag demand cards to the appropriate location on the timeline. You move cards along the timeline by dragging them forward or back along the timeline or by editing the start and end dates in the card.

The default time block for demand cards is defined in the Roadmap Configuration, but you can change the time block period by dragging the right end of the card or by editing the start and end dates in the card.

You can view the cards in a list or grouped by categories (entity catalogs). In the roadmap, you can drag a card under one or more categories. Or you can add one or more categories to a demand and then when you add the demand card to the roadmap, it is automatically grouped under the corresponding categories.

You can filter the list of demands in the left pane by demand field values. There is also a separate filter for filtering the demands that are displayed on the roadmap.