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What data is processed in Viz's cloud?

Last Updated:   |  Applicable Viz Versions: All


Viz processes data gathered from your tools (e.g., Jira, ServiceNow) to manage your software delivery processes. You then configure connections to these tools and define the scope of the data to be analyzed (e.g., specific projects in Jira).

Planview Viz limits the types of fields that are gathered to reduce the amount of potentially sensitive data
being processed. Viz does not collect data from the following fields:

  • Free text fields are not collected, with the exception of Summary/Title. This means no long-form descriptions, comments, work logs, etc.
    • Note: This is true for both standard and custom fields.
  • Attachment contents are not collected — only metadata about attachments is collected (e.g., file name, timestamps).

Examples of collected fields include:

  • Work Item Unique ID
  • Summary
  • Work Item Type
  • Timestamps (e.g., Created, Modified, Due)
  • Links to Other Work Items (e.g., Dependencies, Parent/Child Relationships)
  • Work Item Status Fields
  • Labels/Tags
  • Priority
  • Reporter
  • Assignee